The Power of Words — The Lifelong Learner

The professional goal Chris and I share–reintroducing our students to the love of reading–resulted from a mid-career crisis (of mine) and the reading of three professional texts–texts that changed how Chris and I  viewed what we do in and out of the classroom. Books absolutely change lives. We know this and convince our students of this every day; however, the power of words changes the lives of teachers, too. Read about that by clicking the graphic below or by clicking the hyperlinked title in red, “The Power of Words–The Lifelong Learner,” at the bottom.

I’m a work in progress–both in and out of the classroom. Outside the classroom, I’m still trying to survive navigate each stage of child-rearing, which I’ve decided is only mastered after my own two children have moved on to the next phase of development. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Like breathing, I have always turned […]

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