Who We Are

Beth Hughes
Beth Hughes

Beth Hughes

English Teacher, Wakefield Memorial High School
Beth has been teaching English for 19 years at the high school level and has been active in the designing and piloting of the BYOD Initiative (now in its second year) at Wakefield Memorial High School. She also serves as the district’s Virtual High School site coordinator and teaches a creative writing course online. She and Chris have presented at several technology conferences in an effort to spread the word about how technology and a love of reading can go hand in hand.
You can reach Beth at beth.hughes@wpsk12.org.
Twitter: @msbethhughes
Chris Gosselin
Chris Gosselin

Chris Gosselin

English Language Arts Teacher/Digital Learning Specialist, Wakefield Memorial High School
Chris has been teaching for six years and is currently an English teacher and Digital Learning Specialist at Wakefield High School. Chris received his B.A. in English from Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, VT and his M.A. in Teaching from Simmons College. Chris is an active member of the Wakefield Public Schools digital learning team, and collaborates regularly with colleagues to enhance student learning using technology. Chris also serves as the district’s coordinator of social media, and works with the Office of Superintendent, individual schools and community organizations to leverage social media and networking tools to enhance instruction and publicity.
You can reach Chris at chris.gosselin@wpsk12.org.
Twitter: @cjgosselin

2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hello, I am really excited to join this discussion. My copy of the book is on the way from Amazon so I will be ready to read in a few days. But first, let me introduce myself. I am a reader, a parent, a champion of all things education, and lead a Customer Success team for an ecommerce platform. I am not an teacher by training or profession. I do notice that readers are highly successful in business and hope to explore the notion of reading as fundamental to critical problem solving with you. I look forward to a lively discussion!


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